Elizabeth Humphrys

I work in Social & Political Sciences at UTS, in Sydney, Australia. My research focuses on the relationship between the economy and society, in the areas of neoliberalism, state theory, Antonio Gramsci, and labour and social movements. I am particularly interested in state and civil society responses to economic crisis and change. Inspired by Gramsci’s conception, ‘An Integral State’ develops and discusses my research.

My PhD, undertaken in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney, examined the implementation of neoliberalism in Australia between 1983 and 1996 and focussed on the social contract between the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Council of Trade Unions. I held an Australian Postgraduate Award, and in 2013 I was awarded the WZB/Sydney Fellowship at the Social Science Research Centre (Wissenschaftszentrum) Berlin.

My BA was in public policy at Deakin University, and I have a Graduate Certificate (Social Inquiry) and a Masters of Arts (Research) from UTS. I have an ongoing interest in social and political change, and am a founding editor of Interface Journal — an academic/activist journal for and about social movements. I am currently co-convenor of The Australian Sociological Association’s Sociology of Economic Life thematic group, and a member of the Historical Materialism Journal Australasia Group (which organises an annual conference in Sydney).

Before commencing my PhD I oversaw student complaints and misconduct for the University of New South Wales and was an investigator for the NSW Ombudsman. I have also conducted research and policy work for a number of university student organisations, including the National Union of Students, and worked as an advisor to a member of the NSW Parliament.

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