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In the lead up to doing a PhD, I completed a Masters by Research at the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS). It took a long time – a very long time – as I undertook the research whilst working full time. It has been extremely pleasing therefore, to see two pieces from that research published this month.

I  have a chapter  in a new book Marxism and Social Movements (BRILL), edited by Laurence CoxColin BarkerJohn Krinsky and Alf Nilsen. Under the copyright arrangements, we are allowed to post a PDF of the chapter on our personal website, so I have made it available on the publications section of this site. I’ve also written a little about my experience of being involved in the dialogue the editors commenced to develop the book here

The chapter outlines how we might conceptualise the activist practice of my research participants within the Australian global justice movement. I conclude, based on my analysis, that there emerged two particular ‘types’ amongst activists: movement campaigners and movement networkers. I place this distinction in theoretical perspective by interrogating Gramsci’s conception of the ‘organic intellectual’, and asking about the missing ‘modern prince’ of the global justice movement.


I also had a journal article published in Globalizations. My hard copy arrived in the post last week, and it will shortly be available for download from the journal website if you have access. The article reports the key data from the research on the impact of 9/11 on the global justice movement in Australia.

Once again, I’d like to thank the activists who agreed to take part in this research. Their careful and detailed recollections and thoughts meant this work could happen.

NOTE: Further chapters from the Marxism and Social Movements book, including the introduction, are available on the personal website of the editor Alf Nilsen. The editors chose to publish the book with Brill, as there is a guarantee of a paperback edition (with Haymarket) 12 months after the hardcover as well as a version with Aakar books in India. The more affordable Haymarket paperback will be released next year. If you want to read the essays immediately, ask your university or local library to purchase a copy.

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