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Neoliberalism’s Dominant Narrative

Use of the term ‘neoliberalism’ is widespread in the social sciences. While debates have raged since the 2008 economic crisis as to whether neoliberalism persists or has faltered, many argue it remains ‘the mode of existence of contemporary capitalism’ (Saad-Filho 2010, 242). Use of the term has, however, often obscured its meaning. For example, many […]


Thinking through David Harvey’s theorisation of neoliberalism

David Harvey is the most significant Marxist theorist of the neoliberal era and his conceptual framework is developed, chiefly, in his works The New Imperialism (2003) and A Brief History of Neoliberalism (2005). Harvey’s work is a materialist analysis of neoliberalism, locating it in the shifts in capitalist social relations and the crisis of accumulation […]


For a Renewed ‘State Debate’

After a few requests, I’m publishing my contribution to a roundtable on Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin’s book The Making of Global Capitalism delivered at Historical Materialism Australasia this week. The session at the conference was presented by Leo Panitch, Mike Rafferty, Dick Bryan, Martijn Konings, Mike Beggs and myself, based on a Jacobin Magazine Book Club Seminar published last […]

Roberts Shearers

Arbitration & the ALP: Union strength or impasse?

A class is dominant in two ways, namely it is ‘leading’ and ‘dominant.’ It leads the allied classes, it dominates the opposing classes. Therefore, a class can (and must) ‘lead’ before assuming power; and when it is in power it becomes dominant, but continues to lead. … There can and must be ‘political hegemony’ even before assuming government power, and in […]


Where in the World Does Neoliberalism Come From

Today my department launched its Progress in Political Economy Blog, run by the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney. My first post for the blog is on Raewyn Connell and Nour Dados’s recent article  ‘Where in the World Does Neoliberalism Come From‘. *** Only days after her ‘official’ retirement Raewyn Connell was back in the Merewether building […]

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Historical Materialism Australasia 2014

The third annual conference of Historical Materialism Australasia takes place this Friday and Saturday, September 5-6, in Sydney. The agenda looks extremely exciting, with a closing plenary on ‘Feminising Emancipation’ and roundtable discussions on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century and Leo Panitch & Sam Gindin’s The Making of Global Capitalism. My PhD supervisors, Damien Cahill and Bill Dunn, are […]