Neoliberals on bikes

This post was first published at Overland Journal. *** [M]yth has the task of giving an historical intention a natural justification, and making contingency appear eternal – Roland Barthes One of the founders of the German Greens, Jutta Ditfurth, left her party in the early 1990s. She was critical of their move to the Right, […]


Malcolm is not so in the middle

This post was first published on the ABC’s The Drum website. *** Australian politics has a strange ‘centre’ at the moment, and the dial seems increasingly to fall at the feet of Malcolm Turnbull. His presence on shows like Q&A results in both calls for him to reassume the Liberal Party leadership, and the suggestion he is an ALP member […]

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Invasion Day

A number of myths have shaped Australia’s national identity in profound ways. The possibility of a vast inland sea sawmany early settlers search the interior of the country unfruitfully, often meeting an untimely death. The kernel of this myth was a 1798 report to the Colonial Office by First Fleet botanist Joseph Banks: It is […]

women lib rally

For the love of women’s liberation

Here is a link to my article on feminism, published yesterday at the ABC’s The Drum website. I don’t call myself a feminist. But some of my best friends are feminists. Some women don’t like the descriptor, and reject it because they don’t want to be associated with a certain stereotype. Or because they believe in […]


Collingwood supporters and other ‘bogans’

ABC’s The Drum recently published an article by me on Collingwood Supporters and class hatred. Below is the article in full. *** Given hype from the AFL Grand Final has dissipated (and yes, congratulations Geelong supporters), perhaps we can talk about Collingwood a little. In particular, the way we refer to Collingwood supporters. I’m a Carlton member of […]