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Thesis Eleven Special Issue: On ‘heroic fury’ and questions of method in Antonio Gramsci

I was most pleased to see our special issue of Thesis Eleven — On ‘heroic fury’ and Antonio Gramsci — published this week. Edited by Ihab Shalbak and myself, it has articles by Peter Thomas, Phil Roberts, Andreas Bieler, Adam Morton, as well as ourselves. This volume has had a long gestation and I’m particularly indebted to […]


For a Renewed ‘State Debate’

After a few requests, I’m publishing my contribution to a roundtable on Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin’s book The Making of Global Capitalism delivered at Historical Materialism Australasia this week. The session at the conference was presented by Leo Panitch, Mike Rafferty, Dick Bryan, Martijn Konings, Mike Beggs and myself, based on a Jacobin Magazine Book Club Seminar published last […]

Leo Panitch

Leo Panitch’s critque of the state

These are some early thoughts on Leo Panitch’s work on the nature of the state, who I see as the best contemporary proponent of aspects of the work of Poulantzas and Miliband. There is further work to do on the critique of the concept of ‘relative autonomy’, but also on Panitch’s more recent work with […]