Newspaper, opinion & blog pieces

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(2016) Balancing Act: Correspondence (reply to George Megalogenis) Quarterly Essay Issue 62, 92-95
(2016) Is the Term Neoliberalism Useful? Progress in Political Economy 29 September
(2015) Why Didn’t Neoliberalism Start During the Fraser Liberal Government? Progress in Political Economy 11 November
(2014) Qantas and Job Losses: The Reality of Union Decline Must be Faced The Guardian 5 March
(2014) Where in the World Does Neoliberalism Come From Progress in Political Economy 29 August
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(2013) Iraq and the Australian Anti-War Movement Overland Journal 20 March
(2012) 2012: A Lesson in How to Blame the Victim Overland Journal 19 December
(2012) For the Love of Women’s Liberation ABC The Drum Opinion 24 January
(2011) Review: One Dimensional Women (by Nina Power) Overland Journal January 2011
(2011) Beyond a Joke: Bogan Loathing Brings us All to Shame ABC The Drum Opinion 14 October
(2011) The Carbon Price Debate as Smokescreen for Inaction ABC The Drum Opinion 9 June
(2011) Finishing With Perspective, and Without Finding Oz The Thesis Whisperer 22 February