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(2016) Balancing Act: Correspondence (reply to George Megalogenis) Quarterly Essay Issue 62, 92-95
(2014) Qantas and Job Losses: The Reality of Union Decline Must be Faced The Guardian 5 March
(2013) How to Complain and be Heard The Thesis Whisperer 6 February
(2012) 2012: A Lesson in How to Blame the Victim Overland Journal 19 December
(2012) For the Love of Women’s Liberation ABC The Drum Opinion 24 January
(2011) Review: One Dimensional Women (by Nina Power) Overland Journal January 2011
(2011) Beyond a Joke: Bogan Loathing Brings us All to Shame ABC The Drum Opinion 14 October
(2011) The Carbon Price Debate as Smokescreen for Inaction ABC The Drum Opinion 9 June
(2011) Finishing With Perspective, and Without Finding Oz The Thesis Whisperer 22 February