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  • Hawke

    Hawke’s Complicated Legacy

    When I was in grade five there was a vote in class. We were asked, who do you want to win the election, Hawke or Fraser? Only one child in that working class school in Hoppers Crossing voted for the Liberals, such was the hope and desire of working class families for political change. I […]

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  • egg boy

    The Tally Room: Anti-politics & the 2019 Australian Election

    This week I joined Ben Raue on his podcast The Tally Room, along with William Bowe (@PollBludger). We discussed anti-politics and the 2019 Australian election, in particular what seats are worth watching this Saturday. Egg Boy graphic: Sebastian White  

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  • west gate geelong advertiser

    The West Gate Project

    Sarah Gregson and I have published a new website, to report on our research into the West Gate Bridge collapse in 1970 and its aftermath. We will add more of our work over time, and have created a resources page collecting together a range of materials on about the disaster and response to it. If […]

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  • books

    How Labour Built Neoliberalism

    In December I was delighted to launch my first book, How Labour Built Neoliberalism, published with Brill’s Studies in Critical Social Sciences Series. From the cover blurb: Why do we always assume it was the New Right that was at the centre of constructing neoliberalism? How might corporatism have advanced neoliberalism? And, more controversially, were […]

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  • IMG_8515

    Queerstories podcast: My Tabloid Life

    I recently spoke at Queerstories in Sydney, about social movements, Andrew Bolt and the wonder that is great friends. Indeed, the photo above is of my friends thinking I’m hilarious. You can listen to the episode online here, or through the embedded link below. *** Queerstories is an LGBTQIA+ storytelling night programmed by Maeve Marsden, with […]

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  • westgateexhibitbook1-image1-small

    WHS and the West Gate Collapse

    Last week Sarah Gregson presented a paper on our behalf, based on our research into the collapse of the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne in 1970. The disaster killed 35 workers, and injured many more. Its legacy continues to this day, including the annual memorial held on 15 October and the digital commemoration on the West […]

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  • antonio-gramsci-graffiti

    Thesis Eleven Special Issue: On ‘heroic fury’ and questions of method in Antonio Gramsci

    I was most pleased to see our special issue of Thesis Eleven — On ‘heroic fury’ and Antonio Gramsci — published this week. Edited by Ihab Shalbak and myself, it has articles by Peter Thomas, Phil Roberts, Andreas Bieler, Adam Morton, as well as ourselves. This volume has had a long gestation and I’m particularly indebted to […]

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  • QS_Landscape_working_Crop

    Queerstories: 6 July 2018

    On Friday 6 July I’ll be speaking at Sydney’s Queerstories. A keen audience member, I’ll be performing this time around and telling a short story. Maeve Marsden, the host and producer, describes the event like this: It involves ‘reflections on lives well lived and battles fought, pride, prejudice, love and humour. The LGBTQI community has […]

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  • Keating

    25th anniversary of Michael Pusey’s Economic Rationalism in Canberra

    2016 marked the 25th anniversary of Michael Pusey’s seminal text of economic sociology, Economic Rationalism in Canberra. As a detailed analysis of top bureaucrats in Canberra who had adopted free market ideas and the transformation of public policymaking, Pusey’s book helped instigate a national conversation and publicised the concept of ‘economic rationalism’. It was ranked […]

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  • UTS cranes

    Work: Past and Present

    Work: Past and Present is a monthly seminar investigating Australian and international labour history through the contemporary moment. It is a new series organised by myself, Sarah Gregson (University of New South Wales) and Frances Flanagan (United Voice/University of Sydney). The sessions will discuss issues including: worker’s struggles and organising; technology and labour; paid and […]

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  • Emergency-services-personnel-view-the-devastation-PROV-VPRS-24-P3-685x368

    Work History and the Collapse of the West Gate Bridge

    This week my colleague Sarah Gregson (UNSW) and I are on the GLAMcity podcast talking about the history of work, labour under the Accord, and the memorialisation of those killed in the West Gate Bridge collapse & the Titanic disaster. You can listen to the interview here. GLAMcity is a new radio show and podcast launched […]

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  • Playdough_Factory_Snow_Menu

    Playdough Capitalism

    Lessons in radical economic pedagogy. This post was first posted on the Progress in Political Economy blog, and the UTS Learning futures blog. *** When he visited Sydney a few years ago I met Bill Carroll, Professor of Sociology at the University of Victoria in Canada. We talked about teaching political economy and, in particular, how he […]

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